Saturday, May 29, 2010


You know, sometimes I just feel like a sled dog. It's me and a bunch of other hard-working Americans pulling the weight of this country while the ones in the sled get to enjoy the ride.

I have dedicated nearly a decade investing nearly all of my time into a successful life path. I did the right things - I studied hard and took on student loan debt to earn three difficult university degrees that would guarantee me success. And I found it, but high taxes that I face remove much of the return. Before taxes, I earn a pretty respectable salary. But after taxes are factored in, more than half my income is stolen from me (including taxes at all levels).

In the meantime, plenty of freeloaders who didn't have to work as hard as me have about the same before and after salary/wage because they barely pay any (if at all) taxes (see prior posts). My salary drops pretty close to theirs because of this fact. They didn't bust their ass in school, they don't have student loan debt and they were able to work the entire time making payments on a sports car, while I was hitting the books working a part time gig to pay my rent, food, and a few classes. And they get to keep most of their money. Now how is that fair?

Supposedly, because of my salary, "I can afford to pay more in taxes." Bullshit, I can't even afford a new car. My high tax burden just makes it harder for me to pay down my student loans, half of which are pegged at 6.8%; a good return for the bank. I had expected things to dramatically improve financially after I had finished school and started a career, but really all that changed is that my employer started paying the government more and bypassing me in the transaction as if I didn't exist. It's almost a sham.

See my problem isn't with paying taxes. Taxes are a necessity for a functioning government. But as they stand today, they are too high, inefficient and not equitable. Much of it just goes to waste.


mash said...

Problem we have in this country (matter of fact most countries if not all) is democracy is the most screwed up system of all. I dont know if there ever is a perfect system.

We have political parties who always reject good ideas if it comes from other side even though they know that could be good in long term.

We have Zionists, we have entreprenueurs who bend the laws to suit them, we have political parties and politicians whose only goal is to secure power during the next election. The people are thrown a bone for their vote. People on their part crave for that instant gratification, disregarding long term ramifications.

Do you think a political party who tell people to do their job, get off their fat asses and work hard, and be content with what they deserve will get a vote from them? they wont.

Oh lets get you more free stuff, lets increase social security, unemployement payments for a longer time scale, as long as you keep voting for us.

Eventually this will lead to sky high national debts, more taxes and hence riots.We are following footsteps of Greece.

One word sums up the whole world "Greed". greed to have things one hasnt worked for. What a shame!

Sal said...

This is the entitlement generation. America now says, "Give us free stuff, but make other people work to pay for it! If you do that, we will vote for you."