Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Pre-Paid Cellphone Plan

I have been a customer of Net10, a prepaid cell phone company that offers 10 cents a minute all the time, for nearly 5 years. I am not fond of contracts, don't need a fancy phone, don't need to use many minutes each month, and don't want to spend an extra $40 a month for the luxury of sending radio waves into my head. So, for this entire time, other pre-paid cell phone companies have been in existence with various calling rate plans, but if anyone did any research at all, they would find out that Net10 offered the best deal.

Now, Sprint is offering a new contender called Common Cents Mobile. They offer 7 cents a minute and per text message (Net10 offers 5 cents a text message), and they round minutes down! Who the hell else does that? They also offer some packages for those heavy texters ($20 a month for unlimited)

20% of all cell phone subscribers are now pre-paid users. Its about time we began to see some healthy competition. Free markets baby!

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