Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Government Bureaucracy

So, reading in BusinessWeek today (May 17 - 23, pp.30), there is mention of Illonois having more government organizations (8,469) than licensed beauty salons and barber shops (6,485), funeral directors and embalmers (2,752), or dental hygienists (7,455). When you put those numbers in perspective, it really gets you thinking: What in the hell are all these government organizations for? This is the problem with government in America. IT KEEPS GROWING! Tax dollars keep getting swept out the door for paper pushers who are hired only for the sake of being hired!
The health-care bill created 111 new federal bureaucracies! I guess we can see the common factor between Illinois and the health-care bill, eh? But seriously, think about who has to deal with all these bureaucrats. How much time will be wasted and how much money will be lost to overpaid 'fat-jackass bureaucrats?' The average pay for a federal employee is $75,419. Are they really worth this much? This is yet another reason why no new taxes must be approved! The problem must be contained, because if more taxes are approved, more bureaucracy will thrive. It's like a cancer.

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