Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Foreign Aid

Look at all the money we waste on foreign aid just for Muslim nations. This is our tax money! I don't want my tax dollars going to Egypt!

I think that most people are disconnected from their tax dollars that they don't understand that less money wasted means more money in their pockets!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Democrat Tax

With all the tax talk coming back into political furor from the political left, I had a random idea. I think there should be a tax to vote for a Democrat. I'm being quasi-facetious so bear with me here.

But doesn't it make sense? Democrats love higher taxes, so it would fit right in with their philosophy. Sure, we'd have to repeal the 24th amendment to implement it, but since their whole platform is spending other people's money, shouldn't they have to chip in a little more than the average bear?

Anybody who votes to raise taxes on another group should be required to give up a certain percentage of their salary that year. This way, they actually have a vested interest in the vote. It is way too easy to vote for higher taxes on someone else while keeping one's own situation at the status quo. Democrats are all about equality until it comes to taxes - then they are all about discrimination, whether it be against income cohorts or unpopular industries.

As the system stands now, they don't have to put any skin in the game and get to reap all the benefits of subsidized taxes. Even a kindergartener would understand that as being unfair.

And no matter what, they do not seem to understand that the 'rich' already DO pay most of the taxes in this country (see my Jan 31, 2010 post). Democrats always crow MORE MORE MORE because if there is someone rich out there, they just don't seem to like it.