Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Greece's Excuse

Greece is the paragon of fiscal irresponsibility. They ran up debt that they couldn't afford and lied about it to the Euro Union and now it is time to pay the piper. With the requirement to fix the problem, taxes have been increased and entitlements cut. Now citizens are rioting in the streets and people have been killed. What a bunch of idiots. Gee, that's a constructive fix to the problem. Their country is about to default on its debt which will cause huge global ramifications and the only thing they are worried about is their handouts. I can see America following this same route in the not so distant future as more debt is run up and more taxes are pushed onto high earners to pay for it.

And just like in American, there is class warfare and they want the 'rich' to bail them out. During the protesting, they were chanting, "No more illusions, war against the rich." Why do so many people think that the 'rich' are the cause of their problems? How does entering a valued profession (i.e. it must be in high demand if it pays so highly) and then being responsible and saving a lot of that money for the future cause other people problems? The answer is simply that the 'rich' are scape goats (hey, scape goating worked for the Nazis). Those in a less fortunate position are jealous and are more numerous and therefore attempt to pass social policies that take more away from well off people to give to themselves. It's pure selfishness. But then again, those who want something for nothing are generally selfish people.

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