Saturday, July 2, 2011

Discrimination in Michigan Colleges is okay again

Discrimination is back in Michigan, with Affirmative Action. Affirmative action is another liberal reverse racism policy, that generally sets quotas for firms or, in this case, universities. Instead of hiring or admitting the most qualified applicants, sub-par candidates are required to be accepted solely because of the color of their skin.

As I have posted before in another article, it does not make sense to lower college admission standards to anyone for the sake of putting in artificial quotas of some racial demographic. College is college. It is designed to be an academic challenge, and the degree only has value if it is something difficult to accomplish. Because affirmative action lowers the admission standards for some groups, all it does is lower the quality of the school and causes sub-par students to struggle. If a minority is X% of the population and they are as intelligent or capable as every other race, as is usually assumed, then the college student body will be naturally made up of X% of that minority. So by advocating an affirmative action plan, they trying to tell us that some minorities are less intelligent or less capable than others. Why doesn't this bother minorities? And for those well qualified students admitted in a college with an affirmative action plan, aren't they worried that employers will automatically consider this college entrance policy and have second thoughts about their achievement?

The ACLU spokesman says,
The ruling has kept the door open for thousands of academically qualified students of color to continue to pursue the American dream through our state's colleges and universities

If they were academically qualified students then they wouldn't have had a problem getting into the school to begin with. So a law would be superfluous.

The petitioner Gratz, who originally won the suit to have AA banned, was a well qualified student, but because the color of her skin was white, she was denied admission while other less qualified minorities were accepted because of racial considerations.