Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tea Party: Karma

There is a good article on WSJ about how the Tea Party represents "Karma." This is a good description of one of the main goals of the movement, because in essence, you reap what you sow -or at least that is what many of us believe. Liberalism over the last half century has damaged this precept. As Milton Friedman stated in his "Free to Choose" book, the new ideaology in this country (new for our country's history, anyway) has changed to a policy of having all citizens "finish the race at the same time." In the article, one survey question asks whether everybody should end up with the same amount of wealth. Liberals were evenly divided on the issue, but tea party libertarians and conservates strongly rejected the idea. This is definitely a concept that bothers us libertarians immensely. Successful people are taxed heavily on the top and subsidized on the bottom, reducing the incentive to work and invest more and encouraging more people to accept handouts. My observation is that Democrats do not want to create opportunities for the middle class to become 'rich' but to make it difficult for anyone to become 'rich.' They want the entire country to be "middle class." The new tax increases that Obama wants to push though on high earners will only strengthen this socialistic principle.

What they obviously do not understand is that reward is what drives people to innovate and pursue careers that are difficult!

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