Saturday, October 23, 2010

Russia, The Capitalists of the World.

Over the summer Russia moved to eliminate capital gains taxes starting in 2011. Not only are they eliminating capital gains taxes, but they've had a flat tax of 13% since 2001! It begs the question, how in the hell can a former communist country become more capitalistic than America? Here, all the populist rhetoric being spewed by the politicians is class warfare pieces about taxing the 'rich.' And of course somehow you are considered rich if you earn over $200k, even though that means you are likely to live in a high cost metropolitan area.

But I did not see one news article published anywhere on an American news media website about this development in Russia. I read a lot of news articles and I visit several sites each day, so I find this a little strange. Is the liberal media trying to censor pro-capitalist ideas?

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