Thursday, April 8, 2010

What's your federal tax bracket, zero?

We live in a country of leeches. According to a new news article on the front page of CNBC today, Nearly Half of US Households Escape Fed Income Tax. As I stated in a previous post recently, it's no wonder that more people aren't up in arms over excessive taxation, because they benefit from the current status quo. If you read further in the article you will see that many are getting PAID not to pay taxes because their tax credits exceed their tax liability. Well gee whiz, that's going to motivate someone to elevate themselves above their current situation so that they can stop earning free money.

With half paying taxes and half not, essentially all the successful, hard-working people are subsiding another person. It's like having another child in your house. Or, another way of looking at it is having your neighbor sneak into your house and steal money out of your wallet so that he can pay his taxes with your money. If these people actually had to put some of their own money into the pot, they wouldn't be so carefree about wasteful government spending.

Average American mentality:
"I want some free stuff! Let's go legally rob that rich guy over there with additional taxes because he can afford it."
Uh yeah, American leech, you could afford it too if you followed a similar path that the 'rich' guy followed.

Perhaps if you went to college, majored in something useful, spent most of your time in school worried about how you were doing in the class instead of how drunk you were going to get for spring break Cancun, and then landed a career so that you could start working 70 hour work weeks, maybe you too could be rewarded for all your hard work by paying more of your hard earned money to fund wasteful government programs that reward laziness.

But unfortunately, American's don't want to be great. They just want to get by, preferably with someone else paying the bill.

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Travis said...

*Cough* i think I know a few of those leaches!