Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Democrat Strategy

The Democrats are eliminating federal income taxes on the bottom 50% to grow their base.


Travis said...

Eliminate it for everyone, not just the bottom 50%. I don't agree with the top 50% having to pay... flat tax everyone, drop government programs, or implement a national sales tax thats reasonable and people can understand (not sliding, but an exact percentage).

Sal said...

I agree that everybody should have to pay. The fairest and most efficient way would be a flat tax, either that be on the income level or the consumption level. The problem is that if US implements a national sales tax, then were are going to get stuck with both of the taxes: income and the national sales tax instead of just one of them (plus all the state level ones).
Steve Forbes, in his book "Capitalism will save US" pointed out that we would have to repeal the 16th amendment to institute a national sales tax, because otherwise we will just end up with both and government will only expand.