Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Obama on NAFTA

Obama is against NAFTA (paragraph 7).

Obama is for NAFTA.

It has been suggested he might be ::gasp:: "Political positioning."

Four years ago when John Kerry "flip flopped," the media drove his campaign into the ground. But this hasn't happened yet with B. Hussein Obama [sorry ;)]. If we compare the media on Hillary vs Obama, there's no surprise that it hasn't happened, and it's a safe bet to say that it won't happen.

I think Obama just wants to remove as many controversial issues as he can out of the equation involving him against whatever his current opponent happens to be. This way when voters go to the polls, voters will not be able to factor that particular issue into their voting decision. If it is a major issue, the risk of being on the wrong side of the fence is removed. Presto.

When he was competing against Hillary, her position was Anti-NAFTA, so he was as well. Now that she is out of the way and McCain is pro-NAFTA, Obama warms up to it.

Let's take the farm bill (which is another item I need to rant about). Originally before he or anyone else realized he even had a chance in the election (Dec 07) he was against the bloated 2008 Farm bill. But by May 2008 he was for it, naturally because Hillary had been supporting it the whole time. Read the outstanding USA Today article.

Isn't this neat? There are plenty of other Obama flip-flops for your reading pleasure, such as his war funding stance.

When competing against Hillary, he lined up his message with hers. Now competing against McCain, he is lining up his message with his.

By the time Obama is done, the voting decision will have come down to:
1. old guy
2. young guy

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