Monday, June 2, 2008

Delegate Divide

The final DNC decision is utter crap. It's like they are making the rules up as they go along to favor Obama in any scenario. Okay, not only is it crap that delegates only get half a vote (see my previous blog entry about this), but it is also crap that Obama was awarded ANY delegates from Michigan. Hillary was awarded 69 and Obama was awarded 59 (55 plus an additional 4 which would have been hers based on the percentage of the vote alone).

If you withdrawal your name from the ballot, why should you get any? Think about this scenario: What if Obama had low support in Michigan and people voted 'uncommitted' just because they didn't like any of the other candidates (e.g. Clinton). Then this exact same scenario pops up where Obama can complain that "[his] name wasn't even on the ballot." Suddenly he gets almost half. What a strategy don't you think?

MY name wasn't on any of the ballots, so can I complain and get half of the other candidate's?

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