Sunday, December 5, 2010

Obama and the Deficit

Okay, so we now have proof that Obama is full of crap. Today Bloomberg reported that Obama has added some demands to the bill that would keep current tax rates from increasing come January 1. Before, he was so busy crowing about how by not raising taxes on high income earners, their gained income was going to "cost" the country too much in the form of a higher deficit (see my Oct 2 post). But come today, the deficit doesn't seem to be a problem anymore now that he is making a deal that includes extending the unemployment benefits to infinity which will add another $150 billion (a year?) to the deficit. Remember when Bush a couple of years ago ran a deficit of $445 billion and that was the biggest ever? Well Obama makes even him appear as a tightwad in comparison. When will Obama next embarrass himself about keeping the deficit under control?

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