Sunday, July 4, 2010

More abuses of the system

Hey, it's only a few thousand dollars of welfare money that was withdrawn at California strip clubs, so no big deal, right? Well then you have nearly $2 million that was withdrawn at casinos over 8 months, so clearly this is a major problem (and this is just one state!). They really should do a long term study of where most money is withdrawn from across the country. I would bet these are not some isolated events. People caught doing this sort of thing should be banned for life from welfare, and forced to return all benefits received, with interest. I think prison time for fraud would be acceptable as well. But that would never happen in this country, unfortunately, because freebies are cherished.

As a bonus, here is an article that describes how Feds wasted millions in utilities programs for the "poor" by paying the utility bills of people who were dead, in prison or living in million-dollar mansions. There's really just too many ways for people to work the system at honest tax payer's expense.

This is just another reason why government spending has to be curtailed! It is the only way to stop the flow of waste.

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