Sunday, March 28, 2010

Term Limits for Congressmen (and women!)

Should term limits be imposed on people in office? This is an interesting issue that I haven't fully decided upon, but I slightly lean towards the affirmative. I think that too many politicians continue to be voted in as a result of name recognition to the voting public. Unless these politicians really mess up and the media picks it up, the status quo remains. Perhaps voters think that because the representative (or senator) is currently in office, it's less risk to take a chance on a new guy. It's easier (and lazier) than having to research a competing politician's viewpoints.
But maybe that is what we need? We want voters to know what politicians are up to and what issues are important to them. Perhaps this would force voters to pay attention.

And if the politician is well liked, he or she can still run for another area of office. For instance, a Representative of the House can run as a Senator or Governor, etc.
Voters always pay lip-service to wanting change, but they continually vote in the same candidates. So why not upset the status quo and put some new representatives in place after the old ones have had their chance?

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