Saturday, January 16, 2010


Whenever a tragic news story comes around, it draws you in to find out more information. The earthquake tradegy aside, why in the hell has the US pumping money into this country for over two decades? According to Reuter's Alertnet, the US has provided over $1.5 billion to this country. Other countries have chipped in as well. It just reminds you of all the pork this country has stuffed into it. The U.S. should be taking care of its own problems instead of raising taxes to help other countries. It is not our duty to be the world's chaperon! And if the money stops flowing, they aren't going to like us anymore anyway, so why even bother?
And what the hell: Why is it that this country cannot pull it together? It's neighbor on the same damn island, the Dominican Republic, pulls in a GDP 6.5 times as much per capita. This is a natural social experiment that probably has a lot of answers somewhere.

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