Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Voting Sheep Go "Baaaah"

You ever get the feeling that voters don't know what they are talking about or why they are supporting their candidate? Plenty often the reason boils down some emotional concept such as the personal association of race or gender. It is so stupid to vote for a candidate because with the voter they share the same race, gender, religion, hair color, name, alma mater, organization, or whatever, but people do it all the time. It should come down to the issues that one agrees with.

A man armed with a video camera decided to go to a crowded area in LA where Obama, Hillary, and McCain supporters were in excess supply. He approached people carrying political signs and put them on the spot with direct and pointed questions. Some people are able to answer, but others fold, give up and then walk away.

One woman claims to be voting for Hillary because she is a woman. That is about all she is able to give for a reason.

Another Hillary supporter bases his decision to support Hillary because his union does. Translation: "Baaaah."

Obama supporters are in a class all by themselves. Do you ever get the feeling that Obama supporters are reading from the same script? You constantly hear the same vacuous statements, such as:

Obama is going to lead to change in America.
Obama is going to unite the people.
Obama is less partisan than Hillary.

Baaaah Baaaah Baaaah.

Or they constantly make flat out inaccurate statements, such as claiming Obama has more political experience than Hillary or McCain. Uh, yeah right.

In one of these LA videos, some guy starts talking about how Obama will liberate the people and end slavery. When the camera man presses him, he just walks away. Which country is this guy talking about? Darfur?

Obama supporters so attached to the "change" slogan keep repeating the same "arguments" without premises to back them up. I don't think Hillary has the same kind of following with an emotional keyword leading to the same statements, but if you can think of some empty phrases that you keep hearing, please add a comment.

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