Monday, February 4, 2008

Free Delivery?

Remember when pizza delivery used to be "free?" Sure, you had to pay a few bucks to the pizza delivery guy as a tip but that was a transaction between you and him/her. So the other night, my significant other and I decided to order pizza from Pizza Hut for delivery. The delivery charge tacked onto the final bill was about $3. I figured that perhaps drivers were getting stiffed on tips so they started forcing those tips, but I asked about it anyway. It turns out that less than half of the fee they charge goes to the driver! Why is Pizza Hut essentially stealing money from their drivers? I think most people would assume that the charge is given to the drivers, which would imply to the customer that most (maybe all) of the tip has already been paid. It is simple... more money for Pizza Hut and less money for the poor guy spending gas and risking accidents. This pisses me off and it should piss off drivers too. I wouldn't stand for that crap. In the end, I decided to drive the 2 miles and get carry-out instead of spending $5 (25%) on a delivery charge and tip.

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perg said...

Just another example of how the consumer is getting screwed more and more: no more pensions, having to pay for college transcripts, origination fees on mortgages, extra fees showing up on everything from cell phone bills to checking accounts...The average American company won't be happy until we're all bankrupt!